Toyota IQ (Smart Car). When a small IQ is a good thing

The Toyota Smart Car | Eco-style on wheels. Nuff said.

The Toyota IQ – first debuted in Japan in 2008 and was aptly named Japanese Car of the Year soon after.

Japan’s response to German auto-manufacturer’s smart car – and what’s not to like?

Designed for Innovation and Quality (hence the – IQ), fuel efficiency and maneuverability, it was labelled the smallest four-person (3 adults:1 child) vehicle within a body sized at less than 3 metres long.

With 5-star crash safety rating, given its 9 air bags and stability control.

The IQ gives new meaning to the term “Drives on the smell of an oily rag” and yet rides like a corolla.

Find more information, or arrange a test drive here.

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