When it comes to disability cars and wheelchair access vehicles, it is crucial to consider the extent to which the vehicle provides comfort and convenience to the passenger and the caretaker while using it. Import Revolution is a leading provider of high-quality and affordable disability cars and wheelchair access vehicles in Ballarat for over 17 years now.

At Import Revolution, our highly-skilled WAV designers ensure complete safety and convenience of passengers. Be it different models of cars like Harley Davidson, Ferrari, Toyota Noah, Voxy, Porte, Ractis, and Corolla Hybrid, Import Revolution can sort it all out for you. Being market leaders in Japanese spare parts and Japanese Direct Imports with NDIS Funding, we can make cheap wheelchair modified vehicles accessible for you, as well as WAV vehicles for sale near you, anywhere in Ballarat. Our disability cars are renowned for their mobility benefits and are considered the best cars for wheelchairs by our clientele passengers across Ballarat and the neighbouring suburbs.

Advantages Of Choosing Us To Buy Wheelchair Access Vehicles In Ballarat

Import Revolution has been catering to the disability car requirements for over 17 years now to our passenger clientele in Ballarat and the neighbouring suburbs. Following are key advantages you can leverage when you choose us for your WAV requirements:

● Meeting The Customised Needs Of Passengers: With our WAVs for sale in Ballarat, Import Revolution ensures that the disabled can use their wheelchairs inside our specially customised WAV vehicles without having to transfer to the seat of the vehicle, fold, and unfold each and every time they enter and exit. Import Revolution has been the industry leader in transforming the lives of eligible people in Ballarat by providing them specially curated, designed, and produced disability cars for sale.

● NDIS Funding For The Eligible Crowd: Being one of the most trusted car dealerships in Melbourne, Import Revolution provides world-class wheelchair access cars and disability cars providing our passengers in Ballarat with an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding. The NDIS Funding ensures that the eligible people for disability achieve their requirements for such WAVs. So, if your priority is buying the best WAV vehicle and you are on the lookout for ‘high-quality and cheapest disability cars for sale near me’ requirement, anywhere you are located in Ballarat, then you are on the right page.

● Affordable Prices And High-Quality WAVs In Ballarat: Import Revolution is a leading Japanese spare parts supplier and also in Japanese Direct Imports. We specialise in designing and deploying high-quality disability cars and we can ensure the availability of NDIS funding for the eligible. Thus Import Revolution makes world-class Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAVs which are ergonomically fashioned and designed to meet the needs of disabled individuals, possible at the most affordable prices in Ballarat.

● Additional Features To Ensure A Hassle-Free Experience: Import Revolution ensures a great passenger experience in terms of being able to transfer the seat to the WAV, as well as the monotonous task of having to fold and unfold the wheelchairs each time you get in and out of the vehicle. Our disability cars have ramps and lifts for passengers to safely enter and exit the vehicle. Also, raised roofs and lowered floors of our disability cars ensures the ease with which the passengers can get in without the need to tilt the wheelchair, unlike otherwise in traditional vehicles.

Call Us For Affordable WAVs In Ballarat

Import Revolution has been serving the disability car requirements of our clients across Ballarat for over 17 years and has emerged as the most sought-after WAV provider. Our dedication and genuine workmanship in designing and manufacturing wheelchair accessible vehicles and making it available for the eligible via NDIS Funding have made us a trustworthy name in the field of wheelchair access car providers across Ballarat. Call us on +61 (03) 9729 0669 to talk to our expert WAV specialists today!