The Perfect Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles In Geelong

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAVs are ergonomically fashioned vehicles that are designed and made with the needs of disabled individuals to use their wheelchairs inside the vehicles without transferring to the seat of the vehicle. Import Revolution has been the industry leader in transforming the lives of people by providing them specially formulated, designed, and produced disability cars for sale in the suburb of Geelong.

Being one of the most trusted car dealerships in Melbourne, our wheelchair access cars provide you with an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding to support eligible people for disability. If your priority and lookout are for the best ‘WAV vehicles for sale near me’, anywhere you are located in Geelong, then you are on the right page. This is because Import Revolution is a leading Japanese spare parts supplier involved in Japanese Direct Imports, and we offer the cheapest wheelchair modified vehicles like in the cases of corolla hybrid, Toyota Noah, Porte and Ractis, etc. We also are specialised spare parts dealers and renowned for ‘best cars for wheelchairs’ in Geelong for many years now.

Disability Cars For Sale ‘Near Me’ In Geelong

● Experience: Import Revolution has over 17 years of expertise in the field of providing cheap wheelchair access cars. We ensure WAV vehicles of top-quality, and our near-new factory standard mobility cars offer you and your caretaker to be at ease without having to perform any modifications in your car. With great OEM levels of engineering, product finishing, and reasonable pricing, we are able to give you the finest wheelchair access cars in Geelong.
● Top-Quality WAV Cars In Australia: Import revolution provides services that pertain to the best cars for wheelchair like the Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Noah, Porte, Ractis, etc. Being service providers for Japanese Direct Imports, Import Revolution is your one-stop-shop solution for all your Japanese spare parts supplier services, Japanese car wrecker services, along with being renowned spare parts dealers.
● Greater Mobility: Being experts in the field of Japanese Direct Imports and Wheelchair Access Cars in Geelong, we ensure that your ‘WAV vehicles for sale near me’ requirements are met with facilities such as greater mobility, and so on, within the most reduced downtimes, and as customised as possible to suit your requirements.
● Safety Matters: Import Revolution has revolutionised and continues to innovate new safety mechanisms in our wheelchair access cars to be able to assist you safely, with great mobility, versatility, and lesser pain.

Where To Buy Cheap Wheelchair Vehicles In Geelong

With all the above benefits and amenities provided for disabled people, Import Revolution is your one-stop-shop provider for all your wheelchair access cars in Geelong. Our services of over 17 years have made us evolve as the most sought-after disability car providers in Geelong, and other neighbouring suburbs, as well. We work with a trusted network of partners on a global basis to ensure high-quality wheelchair access vehicles for you.

So, if you are someone puzzled in making a decision regarding the best-suited wheelchair access car, speak to our skilled and friendly team of professional WAV or disability cars, to ensure a 100 per cent satisfaction with our wheelchair access cars, as well as with our friendly services. Call us on +61 (03) 9729 0669 and don’t forget to bag a free quote right away!